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Sleepy Parrot

What is it about inconvenient winter darkness that makes me want to get outdoors and sketch? Loki wasn’t being a particularly interesting model this evening, either — he’d stuffed himself full of pasta at dinner, and spent the rest of … Continue reading

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Sick Day

Mehhh.  I’d really, truly, honestly intended to get out and do some birding yesterday, but felt too crummy to go anywhere.  Felt even worse this morning, so I called in sick and instituted my usual home remedy of lounging on … Continue reading

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Fresh Start

Recently I went through the rather unpleasant experience of having my car broken into (one of the risks of visiting isolated hiking trails; fortunately I’d removed all of my birding equipment from the back seat the weekend before).  I was … Continue reading

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Woodpecker … In Progress

Winter is here, and I’m in the mood for a wintery watercolour.  Woodpeckers seem an obvious choice of subject matter, as despite being year-round residents, they are birds I associate with cold weather and barren branches.  On many a winter … Continue reading

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Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Sumac

I can’t say the background does much for the Grosbeak’s plumage, but I had some big gobs of Yellow Ochre and Paynes Gray left in my watercolour tray from a previous work and felt the urge to use them. Loki, … Continue reading

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