BirdForum – Wildlife Art Subforum
My other home on the web. A wonderfully supportive forum of both amateur and professional artist/birders. Whether you’ve been painting for years or just starting out, feel free to come on by and share — we’re a friendly bunch!

Guelph/Cambridge/KW Birding
A regional forum for birders and photographers in the tri-city area.


One Response to Links

  1. Scott Smith says:

    I ended up on your blog today through what I think was a post for the Elora heronry on a bird sighting forum and I have to say I really loved it. I too have been looking for wildlife but I am not at all skilled with a pencil so I take photographs. Just reading though your entries I got how committed you were to your passion and I can totally relate. I spend a lot of time in nature and just find it exciting to watch wildlife. I enjoyed the stories that I have read so far on your site and I look forward to reading the rest. I have been researching good spots to find wildlife for a while now and after reading your blog I was surprised to be educated of more interesting spots. I too have a blog that I just recently started and I have a section in there for my favorite links and with your permission I would love to add a link to your website in there. If this in any way interests you please take a look at my site and let me know if that would be okay or not. Either way it would be fine with me, I will continue to check and read your entries from now on.

    Here is the link to my blog:

    Again, I really enjoyed your site.
    Scott Smith

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