Cottage Moths

2014-06-30 Cottage Moths


A collection of moths from last weekend. Someone left the deck light on one evening, and by morning there was a variety of interesting critters clinging to the board and batten siding.

Bearing with my poor moth id skills:

Top left and centre right are (the same) Hickory Tussock Moth (loved that pattern so much I had to paint him twice).  Top and bottom right are geometers (going with Crocus Geometer for the yellow one, and I think the other is a Mottled Euchlaena). Fluffy white critter at centre left is likely an Agreeable Tiger Moth, and bottom right is a Waved Sphinx.  And the centre one is … a thing. I’m thinking prominent of some kind, but I really have no idea.

Moth ids credited to my friend Seabrooke’s awesome moth guide. Misidentifications credited entirely to me. 🙂

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