Guelph Lake Varied Thrush

Varied Thrush

A female Varied Thrush has been hanging out near the Guelph Lake dam since at least the beginning of last week. I headed out into the -22C cold Saturday morning, joining a shivering group of birders at the trail head as they waited around for her to make an appearance.

Female Varied Thrush

An hour and a half later, she’d only offered us one brief, branch-obscured glimpse.  I took a break and headed to the nearest Tim’s for a tea to warm up.  Willing myself to go back into the cold was a bit of a challenge, but she showed much better during my second attempt.  Well worth it.

Female Varied Thrush

The thrush never stayed out in the open long, snatching wrinkled crab apples from the trailside before vanishing back into the scrub to eat them.  It’s not the sort of weather that’s hospitable to bare hands, but I hate drawing with gloves on.  I kept a handwarmer in my pocket to bring the feeling back to my numb fingers in between quick snatches of sketches.

Female Varied Thrush

I attempted a few photos as well, but there’s a reason I bring a sketchbook with me instead of a camera.  Great bird!

Female Varied Thrush

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